Alot has been going on the last few months, as i have been finishing off my degree in Yacht and Powercraft Design. Stoked to be finished, and stoked to be able to get back riding again, instead of sitting in a library.

First news is that i now have a new sponsor

MYSTIC Boarding
WOO. Mystic are gonna be sorting me with wetsuits harnesses and all accessories, along with my wake gear. Really stoked to be on the team, considering i have already been using their gear for the last few years. Much comfier than anything else ive used. 

Since finishing uni, i've been getting to the cable much more which is awesom. I won the Uniwake winterjam in march, and next week is the UniWake Student nationals, up at Sheffield Cable. The weather forecast is looking awesom, so can wait to ride for the week.

Then the week after, we have the SKA competition at beach break live. This is a huge student festival which is happening in Newquay.

Anyway, that's all for now, and i will update much more regularly now i have the time, and ho



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