Last weekend was the first Uniwake cable wakeboarding event of the year. I have been riding a fair bit recently because the wakeboard lakes are alot warmer than it is at the beach with the lack of windchill

The winterjam is the first event on the uni wakeboarding calendar of the year and it is COLD.. 2 wetsuits, neo socks, and a neo hood. ha.
The compeition was run as a jam format which meant that each catagory had 20minutes of riding, and in that time, you could crash as  often as you like.
I was competing in the mens A catagory and i was pretty stoked to ride, after picking up my new Slingshot Newton board with Shredtown bindings just a week before. In my run, i managed to various tricks of the kickers and the sliders including the first toeside 720 of the competition of the right kickers,  and a heelside front 360 on the transfer, which i was pretty happy with. Airtricks wise, i got a big railey to blind, and a back to blind. I didnt feel i had a particularly good run, but i think my consistency and continual hits, gave me the win....
STOKED. It was a really well run event, and i cant wait for the wake nationals in june :)

Also a bigups to the Southampton Solent crew, who stole 1st place in every men's catagory, and Rosanna Jury for killing it in the girls catagory taking 2nd place, just behind a rider who should have been in womens A catagory, and is sponsored haha.

Check out the pics from the event, and also the quick heliphoto vid i created.


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