The first weekend saw the the SKA British Student Nationals hit up the shores of Westward Ho!
It was a cold weekend, but jam packed full of students with entries being capped to 50 riders, competiting in Intermediates, Advance, Ladies and Pros.

The saturday morning look doubtfull, with aproximatly 0mph when we first woke up ha. But after riders briefing, when everyone was getting ready for a chilled day on the beach, the wind switched on to about 20knts, and decided to stay for the day.

The pros were held at the end of the day and wthe wind was strong. Just before my heat, i opted for my 9m RPM. The competition was run as a 15minute jam session, so it was like a double length heat. I took a nice start to the heat, with a few easy tricks to get warmed up. After a couple of minutes, the wind decided to drop a little, leaving me with alot of running up wind. This wasn't exactly ideal with a sprained MCL from the previous week of training.
Lukely the wind picked up at the end of the head, and gave me enough time to land all the tricks i wanted to do. Liam and John were both throwing down, and im stoked we could put on a good show for the 50+ students watching on the shore. But im STOKED to say that I WON crowing me British Student Champion 2012.

Bigups to the SKA for putting on a great event, EXPIX for getting some great shots, and SLINGSHOT for my lovely kit.


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